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Larry McAlister

Founder, The Corporate Humanist Consultancy

Larry is a strategic, energetic, inspirational and visionary senior leader. He is consistently sought after as a thought leader in the HR space, both internally and externally and he was named in the Top 50 Human Resources Professional Award by OnConferences in January 2021. 

Over his career, Larry has built highly effective talent acquisition and enablement strategies and development programs. Larry is known for his exceptional ability to work with cross-functional leaders and silo bust throughout organizations. His passion and authenticity has led him to focus on transforming the landscape of talent and ensuring the people strategy closely aligns with the business strategy using cutting-edge technologies.

Recently, Larry was the Vice President of Global Talent at NetApp. He transformed how NetApp thinks about talent with resilience, curiosity and a growth mindset. He is leading a digital transformation of the HR functions, leveraging powerful technology to introduce an internal talent marketplace. Larry believes in leading with authenticity and creating a place where NetApp talent can continue learning and growing their careers. He has led HR and Talent at five fortune 500 companies.

Larry now runs The Corporate Humanist Consultancy, helping CHROs and other executives to build cohesive talent strategies, coupled with HR Technology to drive transformation.

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