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Lexy Martin

Principal, Research and Customer Value, Visier

Lexy is a long-time researcher and analyst currently focusing on People Analytics, diversity, and inclusion. She is passionate about proving the value proposition and ensuring adopting organizations successfully derive value from people analytics and the leading practices to use people data for good.

During her six plus years with Visier, they have seen success across a broad spectrum of organizations and industries, including Merck KGaA empowering more than 3,500 HR managers with Visier to gain insights into workforce planning, talent management, and the optimization of day-to-day operations.

Her current research is focused on better understanding and capturing where customers of workforce analytics and workforce planning have created strategic and financial value through democratization to line managers, creating success for the organization and its people.

Prior to her role as Principal, Research and Customer Value at Visier, she was VP, Research & Analytics at Sierra-Cedar for over 17 years.

    HR Tech and Transformation