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Annemarie Kalsbeek

VP of Payroll, S&P Global

Annemarie Kalsbeek is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in global mobility, immigration, equity, and payroll services. Currently serving as Vice President Pay Services, Global Mobility, and Immigration at S&P, Annemarie leads strategic initiatives to optimize payroll operations and facilitate seamless global mobility for employees across borders.With a career spanning 30+ years in the industry, Annemarie has demonstrated a keen understanding of the complexities of international workforce management and compliance. Her leadership has been instrumental in developing innovative solutions to navigate regulatory landscapes and streamline payroll processes on a global scale.Annemarie holds three master’s degrees, including one in Leadership and an MBA from Capella University, and a Business and Payroll master’s from the University of Derby. Her academic background has equipped her with a strong foundation in business management, leadership principles, and specialized knowledge in payroll services.Prior to her role at S&P, Annemarie held key positions in leading organizations, where she honed her skills in payroll management, compliance, and talent mobility. Her collaborative approach and commitment to excellence have earned her recognition as a trusted advisor and thought leader in the field.Annemarie is deeply passionate about empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their global workforce while ensuring compliance and operational efficiency. Outside of her professional endeavors, she enjoys reading, crafts, and traveling, and is actively involved in animal rescue by fostering animals that need a second chance in life.Connect with Annemarie on LinkedIn to stay updated on her latest insights and contributions to the global mobility and payroll landscape.

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