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Hari Date

Sr. Strategic Advisor, Employee Engagement and Recognition Expert, Workhuman
    Solution Provider

Hari Date has focused his 30 years of experience in Human Resources and HR Information Systems. He is a thought leader in Employee Engagement, Culture, Global Human Capital Management solutions, People Management and Project Management.  

He has an MBA in Human Resources and BS in Computer Science and Business Mgmt. Hari has deep knowledge and experience with all areas of Human Resources and their supporting systems. He is a seasoned professional in organization management, coaching, career development, leadership as well as comes with deep knowledge in technology that drives and supports HR.  

Hari works full-time at Workhuman as a Sr. Strategic Advisor and is also a Sr. Adjunct professor at California Lutheran University where he teaches classes in Organizational Behavior, Human Resources and Leadership.

At Workhuman, Hari leverages his background and experience in HR to help organizations realize the power of gratitude and how showing appreciation to your employees creates a culture where your employees show up every day to do their best work which has tremendous business ROI.

At California Lutheran University, Hari leverages his years of experience to lead classes through conversations, debate and dialogue to learn the topics of HR and Business Management and how those topics show up in the real world. A truly dedicated educator, Hari strongly believes that every student is important, every student deserves his time and every student has a role to play in the success and future of our world. 

    HR Tech and Transformation