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Amy Cook

Global Talent Director, Reckitt

Amy Cook stands at the forefront of talent management and organizational development in her role as Reckitt’s Talent Director for North America. With a career spanning over two decades, Amy has carved a niche for herself in the realm of human resources, specializing in nurturing talent, enhancing workplace culture, and spearheading transformative leadership initiatives. Her journey in HR began with a foundation in psychology, where she gained a deep understanding of human behavior and motivation, earning her a degree from a prestigious university. This academic background laid the groundwork for her passion for driving employee engagement and leadership development.Amy’s tenure at Reckitt has been marked by her innovative approach to talent strategy, where she has implemented cutting-edge solutions to attract, retain, and develop top talent across the organization. Her efforts have not only contributed to Reckitt’s sustained growth but have also fostered a culture of inclusivity and continuous learning. Amy is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, believing that a diverse workforce is a key driver of creativity and innovation.Before joining Reckitt, Amy held various leadership roles in multinational corporations, where she led numerous successful initiatives aimed at transforming HR practices to be more strategic and business-aligned. Her expertise in talent management is recognized industry-wide, and she is often invited as a speaker at conferences and panels to share her insights on future trends in HR, leadership development, and organizational culture.Amy is a certified professional in Human Resources (PHR) and holds several certifications in leadership development and coaching. She is committed to lifelong learning and is actively involved in professional HR associations, contributing her time and expertise to mentor the next generation of HR leaders. Outside of her professional life, Amy enjoys hiking, reading, and volunteering in her local community, reflecting her belief in the importance of work-life balance and giving back.Through her leadership, Amy Cook continues to inspire those around her, driving Reckitt’s North American operations towards excellence in talent management and setting new benchmarks in HR practices.

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