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Adrian Seligman

Member of the Executive Board, Top Employers Institute
    Solution Provider

As a Member of the Executive Board at Top Employers Institute, Adrian Seligman is fanatical about driving business results through a winning combination of People and Strategy. His career has been focused on assisting companies and executives to develop their HR maturity, and he is now responsible for the healthy growth of the Top Employers Institute Certification Programme worldwide. He is particularly passionate about performance, development, and growth, and finds that one of life’s greatest rewards is watching the ripple effect of great leadership across an organization. 

Being part of a purpose-led company that stands for building ‘a better world of work’, Adrian is driven by the challenge of bringing that purpose front and center to the working lives of all employees in the business. This challenge is yet to be fully resolved, and never has it been more important for all organizations to strive for in today’s environment. 

Outside of work, Adrian is married with two young kids, and lives in the UK. In between work and family life, he is a keen motorcyclist and was delighted to discover that recent studies prove that motorcycling has the same benefits as light exercise and meditation combined–something he long suspected! 

    HR Tech and Transformation