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Rebecca Warren

Director, Customer Success, Eightfold AI
    Solution Provider

Rebecca has been in Customer Success at Eightfold AI for over 3 years, where she and her team are responsible for a portfolio of 40+ accounts. Prior to Eightfold, she has been in and around the talent acquisition space for 20+ years at a variety of organizations in both full-time and consulting roles. She is passionate about the mission of Eightfold – enabling the right career for everyone in the world! Her interests include meeting people, cycling, hockey (go Wild!), traveling, off-roading, shoes, working with youth, reading, hiking, writing & facilitating murder mysteries, cooking, time with her family, and volunteering. She recently was selected by Sharebird as one of the Top 15 Customer Success Mentors of 2024. She currently lives south of Phoenix, and also is the President of the Arizona Recruiters Networking Community.

    HR Tech and Transformation

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