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Sustainability Policy

UNLEASH is committed to promoting sustainability across the organization and within our community.

We aim to follow and promote a good sustainability practice, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help educate our team and partners.

Travel and meetings

  • Walk, cycle and/or use public transport to attend meetings, except in exceptional circumstances where the alternatives are impractical and cost prohibitive.
  • Avoid physically traveling to meetings where alternatives are available and practical, such as using zoom calls, video conferencing or web cams, and efficient timing of meetings to avoid multiple trips.
  • Reduce the need for our staff to travel to the office by allowing them to work from home.

Purchase of equipment and consumption of resources

  • Minimize the use of paper and other office consumables.
  • Purchase only eco-friendly or recycled office consumables.
  • Reuse or recycle office waste, including paper, computer supplies and redundant equipment.
  • Reduce the energy consumption of office equipment by purchasing energy efficient equipment and good housekeeping.

What we will do to help further

  • Make donations to help offset carbon emissions from our activities.
  • Ensure that any new employees take account of sustainability issues.
  • Include a copy of our Sustainability Policy on our corporate website for clients, partners and employees to review.

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