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Mike Reed

Founder & Chief Customer Officer , Reejig
    Solution Provider

Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Reejig, Mike Reed is a highly accomplished technology leader with almost 30 years’ global experience in software engineering, cyber security and privacy combined with commercial operations and corporate strategy for market-leading organizations across diverse industries. These include international trade finance, high-volume transactions, intelligent transport systems and civil infrastructure mega-project delivery leadership.

Mike has first-hand experience of how finding, retaining and making the best use of the skills already within an organization is always the defining factor in business success. Prior to Reejig, Mike was general manager, strategic development and major projects at WSP, one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consulting firms. His inability to understand the skills he already had within the organization at any one time was always a huge frustration. Acquiring new teams of hundreds of people for the delivery of mega-projects within short time-frames came at a considerable cost and was very inefficient. Acquiring the wrong people also came with huge risk.

As an experienced software engineer, Mike is highly experienced in deploying architectures at scale and real-time data matching from disconnected data sources. He understands the talent data challenges organizations face today and is even more driven to help develop Reejig’s solution architecture.

Mike is widely recognized for his inspiring leadership style, client-focused approach, measurable outcomes and guidance on aligning technology strategy with commercial success. He has published and presented internationally on data security and the intersection between people, policy and technology in security architecture.

    HR Tech and Transformation

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