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Johnny Voruz

Product Director, Werner Enterprises

Johnny Voruz’s colorful 14-year career sees him apply his diverse range of skills – from programming to conversion rate optimization, UX to graphic design – to every nook and cranny of the product design process. In his role leading the development and delivery of driver-facing products at transportation leader Werner Enterprises, Johnny leverages an empathetic, ‘driver-first’ mindset to inform user-friendly products that empower 10, 000+ Werner professional drivers, and align people around a culture of unity (‘one Werner’) and safety. He is employee-centric and data-centric in equal parts; leaning on both qualitative and quantitative feedback to perfect his thinking and his craft. Jonny credits his ‘rare and unique’ work history – which includes new media production and sales – for his ability to step inside others’ shoes and present outside-the-box solutions to problems. His approach to product design is genuinely innovative and People-first, and he remains popular with drivers as well as colleagues…voted ‘Most Likely To Make You Laugh’ at work. 

    HR Tech and Transformation

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