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KJ Kusch

Global Field Chief Technology Officer, WalkMe
    Solution Provider

KJ Kusch is the Global Field Chief Technology Officer and has responsibility for strategic customer advocacy and partnership. Her team works closely with customers and industry trends to blueprint new pathways for strategy, value and innovation, in alignment with WalkMe’s corporate strategy and product priorities.

KJ is a seasoned expert with more than 27 years of leading change in corporate eco-systems and business processes, knows how to apply technology to achieve business outcomes, and how to relate the technology strategies to the line of business needs.  She recently held a similar leadership role at ServiceNow.  Before that, she served as a leader or chief executive in manufacturing, banking, energy and technology companies.

KJ holds a BA and MBA from California State University.  She serves on the board for multiple charities, OSS Global Forum, Engineering consortiums and leads Women in Technology groups and activities.

    HR Tech and Transformation