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Outboarding Policy


As owner and producer of UNLEASH America and UNLEASH World, UNLEASH Group LTD works diligently to protect our exhibitors’ commitment and investment in the trade show and the industry by taking a firm stance against outboarding.

Outboarding is defined as any digital or physical non-permanent exhibit, demonstration, event, or branded activation that is created and deployed outside the scope of UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World but is promoted or implied as being a part of UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World. This includes digital or virtual programming and activations as well as physical events at Las Vegas/Paris hotel suites, meeting rooms, ballrooms, restaurants, clubs, etc. For physical events, a company is also considered an outboarder if it has contracted space with UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World but contracts directly with another Las Vegas/Paris venue for space (for more than one day) that exceeds the net square footage (NSF) contracted with UNLEASH Group Ltd.

Trade shows are organized so that companies in specific industries can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers and examine market trends and opportunities. More than 10,000 HR business leaders attend the physical UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World events and generate networks to facilitate brand recognition and business development for more than 200 UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World exhibitors whose participation money provide UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World with the funds to host these events and reinvest back into the industry. However, the integrity of the show is diminished, and the value becomes diluted when companies seek – in an unofficial capacity – to capitalize on the UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World attendees who travel to Las Vegas/Paris to meet as an industry or participate in UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World.

The physical or digital UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World brings all facets of the HR tech community together and we recognize the critical importance of networking to build business. We encourage official exhibitors to host parties and special events to enhance an official presence before and after hours. However, such events should be held to strengthen a company’s UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World brand positioning, not held as stand-alone functions that compete against those who are making an additional investment in their brand activation at UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World.

Companies who outboard cause inconvenience to attendees and hurt the overall industry as UNLEASH Group Ltd invests UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World net proceeds back into the industry through industry promotion, research, standards development, public policy and related activities to benefit the entire consumer technology ecosystem.

Outboarding violates UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World policy and the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) guidelines. When UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World determines that outboarding has occurred, UNLEASH Group Ltd will enforce the rule against the participating company and may impose penalties for violations. It is the UNLEASH Group Ltd Board policy that outboarding companies are subject to sanctions that start with the loss of priority points.

Both physical and digital UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World offer an array of inventory available for companies looking for non-traditional trade show engagement options. We are willing to work with any industry entity to bring its tech innovation experience to life at UNLEASH America/UNLEASH World and connect with the global market.

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