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Tony Cornett

Chief Recruiting Officer , Cytel Inc.

Tony serves as Chief Recruitment Officer for Cytel and has spent his entire career in talent acquisition focused on conceptualizing, implementing, and strategically leading global talent acquisition. Prior to Cytel, he worked with JLL Technologies, The Trade Desk, Medidata, and SAP where he led the global technology talent strategy for SAP’s Cloud Business Group. In addition, he delivered and executed talent strategies for organizations such as The Weather Channel, Sybase, and Blackberry.  His expertise is best stated as someone that can communicate directly to the C-level around difficult situations when needed, create a plan/strategy, deliver & execute, lead teams that can scale, and tell the story with true, measurable data (aka talent scientist). He is passionate about using data to validate strategy, predict talent gaps, and creating solutions using diversity & inclusion initiatives. As a life-long learner, he heavily networks with talent leaders to brainstorm and seek strategies around today’s skills economy challenges. 


    Talent and Recruitment