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Joe Kleinwaechter

Vice President, UX, ADP

Joe Kleinwaechter is the Vice President of the Global User Experience team. His team is responsible for the design of experience across all ADP.

Joe joined ADP in 2019, where he first led the National Accounts UX team. In his current role as head of Global UX, Joe is working to develop products that our clients trust to deliver their best possible experience, helping them to crush their jobs on a daily basis.

Joe comes from the FinTech world where he was the Vice President of Innovation and Design for two of the world’s largest FinTech companies, bringing the Design Thinking mindset and other innovation practices to life.

Joe is a musician most noted for ruining many homecomings, proms and weddings by playing Muskrat Love by Captain and Tennille

Joe has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. You can learn more about him in his leadership blog called The Stranded Starfish. He is based in Atlanta.

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