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Erica Perry Briody

Executive Advisor, Culture Index

Erica Perry Briody is the epitome of strategic excellence in executive advisory, renowned for her unparalleled expertise in shaping high-performance cultures through precision talent acquisition strategies, incisive leadership assessments, and visionary succession planning, all meticulously aligned with organizational values and objectives.With a distinguished track record as Global SVP of Talent at industry-leading firms including Reef, OYO, Quintiles, General Electric, and Novartis, Erica has consistently elevated organizational performance through transformative leadership interventions. As a seasoned entrepreneur, she has not only founded but also successfully guided multiple Global Executive Search enterprises, testament to her innate ability to navigate complex business landscapes with finesse and foresight.Erica’s intuitive grasp of communication dynamics across diverse generational cohorts, including the dynamic Generation AI, ensures seamless alignment between leadership vision and organizational strategy. Collaborating closely with C-suite executives, she facilitates the cultivation of leadership teams imbued with the requisite traits, behaviors, and values to drive sustained growth and competitive advantage.At the forefront of innovation, Erica spearheaded the pioneering C-Hire initiative in partnership with Culture Index, offering C-suite leaders’ exclusive access to transformative workshops designed to attract and onboard culturally aligned top talent. Leveraging data-driven insights and analytics, she consistently delivers impressive 20% increases in top-line revenue metrics, positioning organizations for unparalleled success in today’s dynamic marketplace.A distinguished MBA alumna of London’s prestigious Henley Business School, Erica’s academic credentials are augmented by Six Sigma certification and fluency in multiple languages, reflecting her global perspective and cross-cultural acumen honed across five continents.Erica’s trailblazing contributions to the HR landscape have earned her widespread acclaim and a host of prestigious accolades, cementing her reputation as an indispensable partner in driving organizational excellence and C-suite success.

    HR Tech and Transformation Talent and Recruitment

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