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Josh Schwede

Founder & CEO, Aventura Growth Labs

Josh Schwede is the CEO of Aventura Growth Labs. A 20+ year veteran in the HR/Work Tech industry, he deploys his extensive experience from pre-seed stage to high growth companies to help founder/CEOs learn how to sell, build relationships, anticipate pitfalls and accelerate growth. He’s worked directly for 6 different founders and been a part of executive teams that have raised over $100M+ in venture capital, been the buy side and sell side of multiple strategic acquisitions, led teams at various stages of growth from $0-$50M in ARR and been a part of one IPO. Customers hire him to grow better, faster and more efficiently than they can alone. Through all the growth, he has listened a lot. Listening, not just hearing, to what clients, partners and employees say is something he takes great pride in. It’s pretty simple. Years of listening have garnered an incredible network and helped uncover some pretty good answers to some complex problems. His network is loaded with talented Industry Builders, HR/People Leaders, Investors and Industry Analysts & Consultants. He thrives helping make connections. His love for our industry runs deep. PEOPLE are, and will always be, the biggest lever any company can pull to get the results that they need. There will always be a need to recruit and develop the right people. This industry as a collective can unleash this power when harnessed

    HR Tech and Transformation

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