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Kimberly Eubank

Chief Digital Information Officer, Big Ass Fans

An expert on Transformation, Kimberly Eubank led readiness activities for one of the largest mergers and organizational changes in US history.Her ability to find simple solutions to complex challenges has put her at the forefront of some of the world’s most impressive transformations.

  • She spearheaded Day 1 Readiness for the merger of AT&T and Cingular impacting 46M customers
  • She drove transformation of Cingular’s B2B infrastructure and processes
  • She led development of the first on-screen activation flow for the first iPad™
  • She oversaw migration to a single Identity & Access Management framework for 100M customers
  • She was named One of Global Telecoms Business’ 50 Women to Watch

When she is involved, leaders and employees alike consider their work for the org’s transformation as one of the most rewarding experiences of their careers.Done right, you engage your entire org at a deeper level. With a clear vision, an audacious goal, and a big outcome on the line, you will see your team achieve the impossible.

    HR Tech and Transformation

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