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Russell Klosk

Managing Director, Deloitte

Russell Klosk, a managing director at Deloitte, is a seasoned professional with 20 years of consulting experience and 10 years as an HR Executive in a Fortune 100 company. He leads Deloitte’s Workforce Planning practice, specializing in the design and execution of workforce programs for future-proofing workforces and modeling investment decisions. Klosk’s expertise includes assessing current programs, developing strategies, analytics and technologies, and building delivery models. He helps clients make evidence-based workforce decisions using tools for labor demand forecasting, talent supply assessment, and scenario planning. Klosk’s work involves leveraging technology like GenAI and Machine Learning to predict job and organizational changes. He has worked across various sectors, including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Energy, Technology, and Retail, and has international experience with assignments on six continents. Klosk is a graduate of the University of Southern California and New York Universities and lives in Washington, DC.

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