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Dr. Philipp Kolo

Partner and Associate Director, People Strategy and HR, Boston Consulting Group

Philipp more than 15 years of consulting experience and is a renowned expert in People Strategy and HR topic. He co-leads BCG’s efforts on the People side of Sustainability for the Europe, Middle East and South America (EMESA) region. Philipp supports BCG’s leading European clients to build modern HR functions. This means becoming instrumental for the business success using the full potential of digital, data and AI to address the looming challenges of talent acquisition and large-scale upskilling. He puts a special focus on the translation of digital or sustainability transformation into the people needs in terms of capacities, roles and skills. He is lead author of many publications in this field, including the largest global HR study ‘Creating People Advantage or on Future of Jobs clearly articulating the talent and skill challenges we will be facing. In the past Philipp also acted as Recruiting Director, being responsible for BCG’s own talent acquisition. 

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