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Perdita Formentelli

Customer Success Manager & Product Owner, Flowee

After dedicating several years to academic research at the crossroads of social anthropology and literary criticism, as well as accumulating diverse professional experiences in companies that prioritize customer satisfaction, Perdita Formentelli chose to set sail with Flowee—a collaborative platform specializing in remote work and flex office management.

Today, she wholeheartedly fulfills her roles as both a Customer Success Manager and Product Owner at Flowee. Her journey has been both dynamic and rewarding, affording her the opportunity to explore the rapidly evolving landscape of the future of work and provide assistance to clients from various backgrounds as they navigate the realm of hybrid work.
Flowee embodies a resolute commitment to crafting a better and more collaborative workplace where the employee experience can thrive with confidence—an aspiration that aligns seamlessly with Perdita’s own values and ambitions.

    Startup Speaker

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