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Giuseppe Tomasello

Vice President of AI, Docebo
    Solution Provider

As the Founder of and now serving as Vice President of AI at Docebo, Guiseppe’s passion for Generative AI is channeled into creating innovative learning technologies that transform the learning experience. With over 5 years of experience at the intersection of AI and learning technology, his mission is to leverage this potent combination to bring about advanced, efficient, and tailored learning solutionsIn his current role at Docebo, his primary focus lies in utilizing Generative AI technology to enhance the capabilities of the Docebo platform. With the integration of’s proprietary LearnChain technology and their expert engineering prowess into Docebo, they are set to elevate the AI functionality and transform the learner interactions across the Docebo Learning Management System (LMS), including Docebo ShapeHaving contributed significantly to establishing as a trailblazer in the Generative AI and learning technology sector, he is committed to continuing the creation and development of cutting-edge solutions that optimize the learning experience and cater to unique learner needs. As they embrace this new chapter with Docebo, he is thrilled to contribute to the evolution of corporate learning, shaping the way learning technologies are delivered and experienced in this new era of AI. 

    HR Tech and Transformation