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Soyoung Jun

Research Fellow, SK, mysuni

Soyoung Jun, PhD, is a Research Fellow at mySUNI. Her dissertation is on the cognitive science underlying the learning processes of outstanding experts. Prior to joining mySUNI, Soyoung gained a diverse background in applying cutting-edge technology and interface design to HR transformation. Her experience includes roles as an HRBP in the AI and Data Division, an HRD expert in the Corporate Culture Division, and a Product Designer in the Contents Business Division at SK Telecom, a leading ICT company in the Republic of Korea. 

With over 15 years of experience in learning science, HR, AI/Data, and Interface Design, Soyoung has been committed to advancing mySUNI’s innovative learning methodologies. She will serve as the moderator for the upcoming session’s speakers. 

    HR Tech and Transformation

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