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Georgia Kyriakopoulos

VP Business, Neurodiversity in Business The Netherlands

Georgia Kyriakopoulos, a renowned expert in neurodiversity, well-being, and building strength-based cultures, captivates audiences with her inspiring keynotes. As a non-linear thinker and neurodivergent individual, she possesses a profound understanding of both the strengths and challenges associated with neurodiversity and wellbeing.

Drawing from her extensive experience collaborating with top organizations such as ASML, LinkedIn, Personio, the European Union, Techleap.NL, Vanderlande, Uber, Dutch Railway, and Diverse Leaders in Tech, Georgia offers invaluable guidance in creating inclusive workplaces and developing strategies to support your employees.

With unwavering dedication to well-being and strength-based cultures, Georgia fearlessly advocates for creating environments where individuals can thrive by embracing their unique strengths. Incorporating engaging storytelling techniques into her presentations, Georgia leaves a lasting impact on her audience, provoking fresh insights and inspiring positive change within organizations.Through her captivating presentations, she will empower your organization to create inclusive workplaces, embrace diverse talents, and drive meaningful and sustainable growth.

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