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Bas van de Haterd

Founder & MD
Founder & MD, Digitaal-Werven

Bas van de Haterd is a consultant and public speaker in the realm of Talent Acquisition. He has consultant for organizations like the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch Rail, Dutch Post, Twente University, the city of Rotterdam, the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and many more. His specialty is using technology to make recruitment more effective, but mainly more fair. Over the years he has learned that increasing the quality of hire always increases the diversity of hire, as talent is equally distributed among genders, ethnicities, ages cohorts en sexual orientations. But humans are notoriously bad at recognizing true talent. In his work, he helps organizations attract from different talent pools and use scientific methods to actually select the most talented.  

As a speaker, he has spoken at events all over the world from Melbourne to Jaipur and from Dubai to Amsterdam, Berlin and London. 

    HR Tech and Transformation Talent and Recruitment

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