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Dr. Clemens Lechner

Head of Learning Technology & Innovation, Lepaya
    Solution Provider

Meet Clemens, a powerhouse in the field of persuasive communication and AI-driven upskilling. With a background in Psychology and a passion for public speaking and debating, Clemens is no stranger to influential communication. Having won the German university debating championship in 2011, Clemens translated his passion into founding Kairos Communication, a training provider specializing in persuasive communication for young leaders. He further co-founded vCoach, an edTech startup that generated a revolutionary AI-based technology for highly personalized communication training. As vCoach’s Chief Scientist, he helped develop the company’s award-winning assessment and training technology. With vCoach being acquired by Amsterdam-based upskilling provider Lepaya in 2022, Clemens became key in developing the company’s innovative assessment and learning technologies. A declared AI evangelist, his mission is to bring a scientific and data-driven approach to upskilling – one that leverages the best innovative technologies to solve real business problems. Having dedicated over a decade to academic research on power skills, personality, and values, Clemens’ publication record spans the areas of: assessing and statistically modeling skills, uncovering the patterns and drivers of personal development, and identifying the key of academic and professional success. He has served as a trusted advisor to both businesses and international organizations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on issues related to the assessment of power skills. 

    HR Tech and Transformation