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Trish Steed

Founder & Principal Analyst, H3HR

Trish brings over 20 years of experience in a variety of industries from her time as a former HR executive, HCM product leader, and industry analyst. Her background includes HCM, ERP, and supply chain. Trish partners with her clients on strategic and operational decisions that maximize their business success.Trish’s passion for making workplaces better is part of everything she does. Trish has been the co-host of the popular HR Happy Hour podcast and At Work in America since 2013 and the creator and co-host of the WORK BREAK! vlog since 2020. She’s been the author of the Trish McFarlane blog (formerly known as the HRRingleader blog) since 2009. These outlets enable her to explore work trends, emerging and current technologies, and the impacts to the organization and people.