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Recorded on May 8th '24 / 2:50 PM to 3:15 PM PDT

Navigating the Future: Ethical AI in the Workplace

Case Study

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly integrated into the workplace, HR faces new ethical dilemmas and challenges. This session aims to explore the intersection of AI and HR, focusing on the ethical considerations that arise when implementing AI technologies. This presentation will provide insights into how AI can be used responsibly to enhance HR functions while ensuring fairness, privacy, and respect for employee rights.

  • Understand how to incorporate AI in a way that upholds ethical standards, including transparency, accountability, and bias mitigation.
  • Gain Insights into the legal implications of AI in HR and strategies for ensuring compliance with both national and international regulations regarding employee data and privacy.
  • Explore emerging trends and potential future developments in AI that could impact HR practices, along with guidelines to prepare for these advancements.

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