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Giancarlo Palà

Head of IT HR Nestlé Group , Nestlé

Giancarlo Palà, is the Head of IT for Human Resources at Nestlé. He was appointed to this position in 2019. In that capacity, he acts as a Technology Partner to the HR function for the Nestlé Group. 

Giancarlo started his career at Nestlé as part of one of the largest SAP HR implementations for over 300’000 employees, in literally every country of the world. This was followed by his involvement in establishing Shared Service operations at Nestlé for Employee and Financial Service, which are today a core part of Nestlé’s Global Business Services. 

In 2008, he relocated to the USA, where he supported markets in the Americas on key HR initiatives. This also included driving the Integration of a multitude of acquisitions and divestitures, such as Wyeth and Gerber. In 2013, Giancarlo took on a Regional IT role for North America, where he consolidated 4 IT HR teams in North America into one team, driving higher levels of service and end-user satisfaction, while reducing Total Cost of Ownership. 

In 2019, he took on his current role as Head of IT HR for the Nestlé group. As the E2E lifecycle manager, he played an active role on one of the largest HR transformations, introducing a new operating model, Enterprise Data Model and Cloud HR Technology at Nestlé. Thanks to these foundations, Nestlé continues to evolve its cloud ecosystem to enable efficiency and employee experience at scale. He presented Nestlé’s journey at different external forums such as Unleash World 2022, Bersin and SAPPHIRE. 

Separately, as part of the broader IT Transformation, he is currently acting as the Sponsor for Product Management, introducing new ways of working in the IT organization. 

Prior to Nestlé, he worked at KPMG and as a managing partner of a boutique consulting company for a variety of large clients in different industries, such a Financial Services, Media, and Manufacturing. 

Giancarlo has a passion for continuous learning, people development and change management with a proven track record. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Zürich. He speaks five languages and worked in Switzerland, Germany, UK, Italy, Denmark, and the US. Giancarlo is an avid skier and mountain lover; he lives in Switzerland with his wife and his two sons.

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