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Tara Katsiadas

Head of Customer Success, NAMER, CoachHub
    Solution Provider

Tata Katsiadas is the Head of Customer Success for North America at CoachHub. Tara has over 10 years of corporate experience and has worked in a variety of HR functions, including recruiting,  employee engagement, and well-being.  

 Through her combined Human Resources and Customer Success experience, Tara has recognized the importance of bringing her full self to work and helping others do the same.  

Tara leads CoachHub’s Customer Success team in North America, helping enterprises across North America create spaces for their employees to grow, engage and show up authentically at work.  

Tara resides in Chicago, IL, and spends her time outside of work with her husband, their 15-month-old son, and their English bulldog, Rosie.

    Talent and Recruitment

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