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Matthias Leitzmann

VP of Talent Acquisition, Mastercard

Matthias discovered his innovative spirit young, when, at 18, he left his childhood home and flew from Munich to Boston to pursue a career in business. It’s that same spirit that’s led him to where he is today: an international Talent Acquisition executive with 15+ years of experience nurturing, growing, and leading high-performance teams in the Talent Acquisition, Talent Sourcing, and Recruitment Marketing space.

Whether at a hyper-growth startup or a Fortune 500 company, Matthias anchors his approach in what matters most to him: thoughtfulness, empathy, and an unwavering belief that ‘humans are awesome.’ These values paired with his use of AI, direct marketing, and other modern TA technologies have allowed him to start and scale global people and tech hubs in North America, APAC, and EMEA – in record times and in highly competitive markets.

Matthias currently leads Mastercard’s newly-formed global Talent Discovery team – an incredible group of 20+ Talent Scouts, Recruitment Marketers, and DEI professionals delivering uniquely exceptional and diverse talent, at scale, globally.

Outside of work, you can find Matt adventuring with his wife in Boston & beyond, consuming gummy bears at scale with his grandson, or reminiscing with his two globe-trotting daughters about his favourite pastimes: rock climbing, trail running, and painting.

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