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Jihun Kim

Research Fellow, Global College, SK mySUNI

Jihun Kim is a Research Fellow at Global College, mySUNI. His research focuses on geopolitics and various impacts of global business environments at SK. He conducts training programs for SK employees and executives, helping them assess business consequences mainly driven by geopolitical risks. Some of his programs help leaders broaden future business perspectives, enabling them to be equipped with managing competencies. 

Jihun began his career as a semiconductor device engineer at SK Hynix. His experiences are centered on developing new memory and operating an industry-academic cooperation program to help solve various technical challenges. Today, Jihun uses his business and technology experiences to lead numerous projects, helping to improve employees’ competitiveness in and out of the organization. 

Jihun is pursuing a professional MBA at KAIST. He previously studied Economics and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering. 

    HR Tech and Transformation

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