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Kyle Lagunas

Head of Strategy, Aptitude Research

Kyle Lagunas is the Head of Strategy & Principal Analyst at Aptitude Research. He’s spent over a decade studying innovation cycles in HR and talent technology—with leadership roles in both the solution provider and practitioner space—and brings that breadth of experience and insight to his work advising vendors and practitioners on the ever-evolving world of talent. He’s a transformational talent leader, top industry analyst, and non-nonsense strategist with a reputation for bringing a fresh perspective to the table.  

Before joining Aptitude, he served as the Head of Talent Attraction, Sourcing & Insight at General Motors where he led the go-to-market functions of the company’s global talent acquisition and played a pivotal role in transforming their recruiting strategies and processes. At Beamery, his role as Director of Strategy put him at the intersection of customer experience, sales and marketing, and product.  

At Aptitude, Kyle brings together all aspects of his career to bridge the ever-growing gap between talent leaders, their stakeholders, and their solution providers to power more meaningful outcomes.

    HR Tech and Transformation

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