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October 18th / 1:30 PM to 2:20 PM CEST

How To Combat the Talent Shortage With a “Total Talent Strategy” 


Join this closed-door executive meeting with fellow HR leaders to discuss the true value of creating a total talent strategy.  

  • Adopting a skills-based approach is a top priority across industries. We’ll be debating the practicalities of putting it in place and how having holistic visibility of talent is an essential step.  
  • Hiring for capabilities beyond experience or education is enabling companies to cast their net further in the hunt for highly demanded talent. We’ll be touching on the benefits of rethinking recruiting strategies as competition mounts for qualified candidates.  
  • From improving workforce engagement to driving career development, talent mobility represents the biggest competitive advantage for organizations looking to overcome the post-pandemic talent shortage. We’ll be discussing the creation of internal talent marketplaces and how to develop a responsive approach to talent management in this exclusive session. 

This interactive roundtable dives into the role of AI in elevating workplace productivity. Participants will explore how artificial intelligence can be effectively integrated to streamline processes, make informed decisions, and improve overall operational efficiency. Key points of discussion include:

  • Understanding the impact of AI on workforce productivity and efficiency
  • Exploring real-world applications of AI across HR functions and beyond
  • Strategies for successful AI integration, addressing challenges and ensuring a positive user experience

Please note our roundtables have limited capacity and therefore are reserved for our more senior attendees (Director level or above) who wish to partake in an open discussion with other thought leaders on the chosen subject. Participation is on a first come first served basis and we encourage early arrival to secure your spot. If you do not meet the criteria, the hostess will reserve the right to refuse entry.

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