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October 18th / 1:50 PM to 2:10 PM CEST

How CHROs Can Lead the Organization in Becoming Adept at Adapting

Product Spotlight

In an era of rapid change, CHROs play a pivotal role in shaping business strategy and transformation. To drive strategic objectives and ensure future readiness, HR leaders must adopt a data-driven approach to organization design and planning. Join Rupert Morrison, Founder of Orgvue, in this session as he shares insights on leveraging data to enhance talent planning, address the impact of AI on the workforce, power organizational alignment, and enable adaptive responses at speed. Gain a deeper understanding of the current and future demand for skills amidst times of change. 

  • Leveraging data for talent planning: Utilizing data-driven insights to optimize workforce strategies and address the influence of AI. 
  • Powering organizational alignment: Harnessing data to drive coherence, agility, and purpose within the organization. 
  • Agile organization design: Enabling adaptive responses to be taken confidently and swiftly in a dynamic environment. 
  • Understanding the demand for skills in times of change: Navigating the evolving landscape to ensure the right skills are in place. 

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