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HR Tech Summit

Exchange information on challenges, experiences and goals ahead of the main event to gain new insights that you may not have otherwise thought of.


What is the hr tech Summit?


The International Festival of HR is not a one-and-done conference, but rather three days of exhilarating programs, all adding up to the UNLEASH experience. HR technology and transformation leaders told us they wanted more time at UNLEASH events to deep dive into key topics, unpack current challenges and work through different pain points. Now, in addition to the main conference, we have created a unique HR Tech & Transformation Summit that runs the day before the main event to do just that.  

Showcasing how tech is transforming HR, this summit will drive thought provoking conversations around innovation, adoption and integration, providing a platform for the HR tech ecosystem to come together to drive change.



Elevate your knowledge with insights from inspirational industry leaders and upskill with exposure to the latest trends. 


Be among the top HR Tech minds before the main event starts. There is no better way to get ready for UNLEASH America.


Get ahead of the next disruption and identify how the next wave of tech can integrate your existing soloutions.


Let UNLEASH America be an escape. Take a break from the humdrum work routine and fall back in love with your career!


If you are a senior level decision maker with significant budget for HR IT products and services, you may be eligible to attend our HR Tech Summit.

  • Global Head or higher in: HRIS, HR Technology, HR Systems, HR/People Analytics, HR/Digital Transformation, or similar role
  • Budget Influencer
  • Businesses with 1,000+ employees

Register Interest for 2024

  • Maximize your time on-site at UNLEASH America with this complimentary event
  • Hear how your peers are winning and transforming the employee experience inside their organizations
  • Get an up-to-date overview of the market, vendors and supplier options
  • Explore how to make the most of technology you’ve already got
  • Discover how to select and implement the right HR tech at the right time

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