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Product Spotlight B
April 26th / 10:55 AM to 11:15 AM PDT

Your Best Talent Decisions Made in Seconds: How Ethical AI and Chat GPT Power Next-Gen Workforce Intelligence 

Product Announcement
CEO and Founder

Leveraging the power of its proprietary Ethical AI coupled with Chat GPT, Reejig unveils how it’s helping business leaders adapt to changing business needs and market trends with an intelligent and dynamic view of opportunities and job architecture. With the most comprehensive set of global data and responsive AI modeling, organizations can match the best people to the most critical work – faster than ever before – achieving groundbreaking workforce optimization and outpacing the competition.

Attend this session to learn:

  • Why traditional skills ontologies and job architecture are holding your business back 
  • How Reejig’s Ethical AI and Chat GPT provide an intelligent and dynamic job architecture for any organization 
  • The impact of faster, AI-driven decision-making on your workforce strategy and role as an HR or people leader  

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