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April 26th / 2:00 PM to 2:50 PM PST

When Climate Transition Becomes Everyone’s Business in the Company

Invite Only

The latest IPCC report, like all the previous ones, has been warning us for many years about the harmful effects of global warming and companies have a great responsibility in this warming. You are invited to this roundtable discussion, which aims to reflect on the role of senior leaders, and the CHRO in particular, in changing the behavior of all employees, starting with the top management team. The session will provide an opportunity for participants to exchange best practices in their companies based on the following three questions:

  • How can we change the company culture to take into account the issues of climate transition?
  • How can we translate the necessary changes to reduce the company’s carbon footprint into everyday behavior?
  • What are the HR activities that are most affected in order to enable the HR Director to be a major player in climate transition?

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