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April 27th / 12:05 PM to 12:25 PM PST

Incorporating Wellbeing into the Hiring Process: Better Connections. Better Results.

Product Announcement
VP, Enterprise Marketing

This culture shift is pressuring organizations everywhere to figure out how to continue to get the job done when it’s clear that there is no “return to normal.”

Maybe that’s not a bad thing.

The wake-up has made us more empathetic to our people, and hopefully more connected to what makes them happy. As some organizations experience mass layoffs and broad-stroke budget cuts in preparation for a looming recession, HR leaders are faced with the mammoth task of guiding our organizations in a world where the bar is set higher.

At Indeed, we have risen to these higher expectations by relentlessly focusing on innovation that drives true performance across the board for our HR and Recruitment client partners. The days of job postings, clicks, and having to dig through volumes of application “starts, stops, and maybes” are transforming to equipping recruiters with what they need now more than ever. Better matching, better results, and at the end of the day – higher quality candidates. Pay for what you get, and stop paying for what you didn’t.

Key takeaways:

  • Innovative companies are embracing work well-being as a new standard and scorecard to help them evaluate employee happiness, sense of purpose, stress, and satisfaction.
  • Increasing the number of people who are happy at work starts with reimagining the job seeker experience with your organization and how they perceive your company brand and reputation.
  • Skip the busy work, connect with candidates fast through matching, increase speed to hire by leveraging automation tools and integrate them into your workflow seamlessly while paying only for results.
VP, Enterprise Marketing

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