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Expo Stage 4 (D2)
May 9th '24 / 10:55 AM to 11:15 AM PDT

Beyond Borders: Harness New Tech To Scale and Transform Your Workforce

Product Spotlight
SVP and Head of Product

Companies worldwide are poised for growth, yet 77% of execs struggle to find talent. As the business landscape and labor market evolve, it’s critical for HR leaders to adapt their approach to drive success. In this session, G-P’s VP of Product Marketing Joan Vandermate will share how G-P can help you transform your workforce and push the boundaries of global business growth with the industry’s most responsive global growth technology solutions paired with guidance from world-class legal, HR, and tax experts. Join G-P to:

  • Hear the latest in global growth trends and insights and how to leverage them to optimize growth plans.
  • Get guidance on how to enter new markets quickly and compliantly without the need to hire local experts.
  • Learn about new technology advancements that will help you to design, build and manage a global workforce.

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