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About Our Research

The UNLEASH team lives for bringing our audience the best global research, data and insights, from across HR tech, talent, recruitment and learning. 

We know how helpful it can be to support business cases for new investment, guide your decision making, processes and strategy, and provide inspiration and ideas for the future.


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UNLEASH Content Labs and Insights

We now have our own crack team that are conducting dedicated research for the UNLEASH audience as well as creating bespoke research with our partners.

Launched last year, Why HR Projects Fail gathered over 700 HR leaders from around the world to share critical insights and real experiences from the front line on key barriers to success in HR tech. This is now being followed up with Why HR Projects Succeed as we continue to expand our in-house research services.

Bespoke research

Whether quantitative or qualitative or a rich mix of data sources, UNLEASH works with leading global providers to conduct bespoke research projects. Examples include ServiceNow, AppLearn, UKG, WalkMe and Survey Monkey who have all collaborated with us to understand pivotal topics across HR tech. From digital adoption to productivity and employee engagement. And whilst gathering the data is one thing, interpreting it and sharing it across multiple digital channels is key to making the research really worthwhile.

From reports and infographics, to webinars and roundtables, we amplify research results right the way across our audience for maximum impact on the HR strategy of the world’s leading organizations.

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Partner research

We’re proud to have always partnered with the brightest and best minds in HR tech. From Deloitte to IDC to Fosway Group, it’s always been a priority for us to share the very latest that analysts and other researchers have to offer. Plus partnering on joint research like the HR Realities study that has been running for the past 8 years.

These relationships form an important route to the data and insights our audience need, whether it’s on stage at UNLEASH World in Paris, or via an exclusive interview with our editorial team. Our research hub will continue to bring you all this and more.

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Curated research

As we said up top, we scour the industry on a daily basis to bring you all the trends and data we hope will be the most useful to you. Our team reads, interrogates and curates that all for you in our research hub with a broad range of sources and content, all available at the click of a button here.

Partner with Us

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