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HR tech conference – key learnings from last year’s event

The HR tech conference UNLEASH World 2023 in Paris with 5000 delegates came up with the sharpest trends and innovations in human resources. AI is now the main focus, and at this conference, a lot of valuable lessons and information have been brought forward by the leaders coming from different parts of the world in HR. The HR tech conference was not just another meeting but the coming together of minds, brains, and the place where remarkable conversations were initiated. Some main findings certainly appeared when we look back to the HR tech conference as well which defines the future scenario of HR technology and practice.

Key learnings from last year’s HR tech conference

Here are the top five takeaways from the HR tech conference – UNLEASH World 2023:

AI revolutionizes HR: AI held the spotlight in HR tech conference discussions, representing a revolutionary point in the development of HR practices. AI influences recruitment, talent management, engagement, and performance analysis. Delegates get the opportunity to see AI-powered tools and platforms in action as they decide how companies adapt and develop their human capital.

Data-driven decision-making: In the era of big data, human resource managers moved data-driven decision-making processes into the center of attention. Analytical tools with predictive modeling techniques now allow the business to exploit enormous data volumes to derive practical information regarding the employees’ behavior, likes as well as performance indicators. Utilizing data effectively lies at the heart of improved HR strategies and strong business performance.

Employee experience takes center stage: The employee experience has become an integral part of the HR tech conference discussion, acknowledging the vital value of this factor in the formation of organizational culture and productivity. Representatives tackled the complex issue of optimizing employee satisfaction, health, happiness, and engagement, in particular, stressing the critical role that positive employee experience plays in the creation of a successful workplace.

The rise of remote work: COVID-19 brought onto acceleration of the change covering remote call center work, which was specially described in the HR tech conference UNLEASH World 2023. HR managers were talking about approaches that would help efficiently deal with problems that emerge in the course of virtual office activity, and increase collaboration and belonging to the virtual workforce. The future of work is a flexible workplace, one which has no alternative except the need to adapt for organizations to survive in this changing perception of work.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives: The main thing that companies worldwide cared about was creating an environment that would be comfortable for staff of different ethnicities, races, and beliefs. HR tech conference UNLEASH World 2023 offered some intriguing elements towards achieving DEI agendas, ranging from equal application practices to diversity training. The head of HR pointed out that different talents were attracted by colorful culture, which in turn, stimulated innovation, creativity, and business performance.

The HR tech conference proved that the HR field stands for more than just technology advancements but through these exceptional tools, we can be more game-changing than ever before. Being AI-powered insights and data-driven decision-making, the HR tech conference was an exhibition of what the future of HR looks like. Amid such a complex job market, the learnings presented at the HR tech conference will be very useful in shaping the strategies that the organizations will choose in the next few years.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the HR world’s future? 

Impressions from the keynote address by Bersin at UNLEASH HR tech conference: At the HR tech conference UNLEASH World 2023, key players in different sectors joined to contemplate how AI may change the outlook for HR shortly. The electrifying kick-off of the HR tech conference UNLEASH World 2023 saw the audience enthralled, as it featured a striking keynote presentation by none other than Josh Bersin.  Bersin’s speech at UNLEASH precisely demonstrated both the obstacles and the possibilities accompanying the contemporary HR profession and was set to be both entertaining and informative. Through his AI and human resources knowledge, Bersin tackled the problems organizations are facing, both on the level of employee engagement, performance and talent retention. He highlighted these evolving dynamics of the labor market and stressed the importance of the strategic link between HR policies and business objectives for organizational success during insightful discussions. Through exploiting technology and adopting a progressive attitude towards the workforce, according to Bersin, the key to growth is in encouraging change, using technology, and improving worker wellbeing. His keynote and subsequent reflections have proven that it is a guidance that looks like a beacon to delegates taking on the fast-paced business environment, giving them stimuli along with appropriate ideas to excel in a changing environment.

The HR tech conference uncovered a groundbreaking revelation: Those organizations that give an advantage to mobility rate about 31 times higher in fulfilling retention. ‘Dynamic’ or ‘non-dynamic’ – the two categories explained by Kathi Enderes from The Josh Bersin Company Senior Vice President of Research – outline that almost one-third of organizations do nothing but ‘stay put’ with no integrations of the new ideas into their companies. Their limited agility slows decision-making in turn makes them laggards in reacting to the demands of the external changes and the fresher pacers tend to retain superior talents.

The cultural transformation discipline: As espoused by Enderes, stresses that organizations not only have to change but also answer the ever-present question: Are we moving forward? In today’s dynamic culture that does not resist changes but rather accompanies them, organizations tend to succeed. The versatile culture attained not only using technology but also by open-minded thinking stands as the key to the company’s growth and development in talent acquisition and retention strategies.

However, there was also a focus on technology which developed as the central theme of the sessions at the HR tech conference. Above all, the role of AI in the HR of the future attracted spotlights at the event. This year’s UNLEASH HR tech conference had the privilege to invite four HR influencers to shed light on the idea of what AI means for HR as a practice, in terms of how organizations balance people and machines. As the continuum between technology and the dynamic environment of business increases, the insights from the HR tech conference 2023 become a roadmap to the future. By accepting this challenge, using tech, and rethinking the old ways of thinking about people’s resources, an organization can become a leader in the retention and optimization of talents in the turbulent business world, which, in the end, will stimulate growth and success. One basic message of the champions of AI was to ensure that all the advancements in AI are orientated and they are catering to the needs of the workers, employees, and creativity. 

Relevant concepts to the future from the HR Tech conference 

The HR tech conference appeared in Paris last year; and talks on different and relevant concepts to the future such as AI, skills training, and talent management; were held. Following are the key lessons from the HR tech conference:

Continually evolving synergy: These revelations show the continually evolving synergy of the workplace and the requirement for firms to shift alongside changing employee needs as well as market conditions. Organizations that get their grip ready to adapt and innovate about talent management, can predict and respond by developing employees who will be able to survive instability and support the enterprise in the long term. 

Leadership development responsibility: Similarly, the wrapping up of leadership development as the main role of the HR (Eric Olsen, CEO of Alixias) is under debate as it is held as the responsibility of each employee to possess traits of superb leaders they aspire to be. It was stressed that the burden of developing the next generation of the leadership team should not necessarily lie solely on the shoulders of HR, rather, there should be managers who accept the challenge of assimilating new entrants into their teams. Olsen played the role of inspiring managers to put more effort into building up their work teams. He emphasized it as a continuous renewal test that is required very often in organizations.

Importance of change management: Of course, HR tech improvements are often the focal point for the attention of many organizations; however, the contribution of change management to technology implementation is emphasized by Maryann Abbajay, the CRO at SAP Success Factors.

Mindful implementation of AI: Abbajay further stressed the significance of having an elaborate plan when it comes to incorporating AI into HR processes. The three main issues of AI being made to be material, competent, and honest, show the fact that these should be the priority of HRs from the beginning to the end of AI implementation.

Employer branding: This has now become a vital component of the job market in the modern business era where candidates search for jobs with values that correspond with their values and aspirations. With this trend quickly gaining traction, various companies are buying into employer branding to attract the best talent in a timely and efficient manner and also cut down on employee attrition.

The UNLEASH World HR Tech Conference has witnessed an enhanced exchange of ideas concerning employment, reskilling, and workforce management through AI. As we look ahead to 2024, AI remains one of the main subjects of discussion in terms of HR technology, and new AI concepts, such as generative AI and Chat GPT, are receiving a great deal of attention. AI education will be an important assignment to make sure the people employed in HR are sure about their job security and skill importance in an automated society.

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