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How much do HR partners in consulting firms earn?

A human resources partner (HR partner) is a professional consultant who performs daily functions such as partnership and communication with senior management, human resource managers, and business teams. Together, they create and carry out corporate strategies that promote business goals. It is a huge responsibility for the HR partner with an average salary in the US, which makes the salaries bring great jobs to the title. One of the main purposes of the knowledge on average HR partner’s compensation is to present its different pros. Therefore, if you are a student, a recruiter pausing to think of employees’ pay you should give, or an individual facing a dilemma-if-I’m-fairly-paid-or-not, the statistics will help you. This article will walk you through these typical questions: what a human resource business partner does, how do they get paid, and how does it vary between different types? Let’s get started.

The job description of an HR Partner

The number of years of professional experience as well as the person’s current role have a big role in determining their HR partner pay. In some organizations, the position is also known as a human resources consultant.  The process ahead of HR partners is mostly already a senior position, so there is nothing very trivial ahead. As she/he gains more years of business experience, this HR professional may advance to a senior HR partner who is delegated the responsibility of advising on business-altering decisions by executive heads. In the final phase of this journey, they will be leading the department of human resources, taking the position of an HR director.

Average HR Partner salary

In the US, the average HR partner salary varies among the states, being a factor in some cases. Nevertheless, the level of your compensation for having the duties of an HR partner can also be affected by some influencers including the number of years that you have served, the living standard within the geographical location, the type and size of an organization, etc. The information below is the average starting salary estimates for this position: HR business partner. These data provide the basis for three types of compensation benchmarks, an HR partner’s mean and median salary for one year. The particular salary data from recent reports reveals that the average HR partner’s salary is USD 75,306 per annum and 27.31/hour in the United States. Taking into account the extra bonuses ($6,632) and the profit sharing ($3,038) -the average total will be $84,972.

Senior HR Partner

Even though the responsibilities and duties of the HR partner remain the same, they obtain more valuable advisory functions and more strategic planning functions. One of the well-paid HR specialists who is also a senior HR partner gets paid $134,075 every year.  

HR Director

The HR director is accountable for all department’s strategic decision-making and delivery consequences. So, it is fair that the transition from senior advisory tasks like HR partner to this position is natural, smart, and in fact. The human resources director position can offer up to $141,281 in annual compensation. There are approximately 200,000 opportunities for the position at the moment. When you are determined to reach a high-rank position and incredible compensation as a human resource officer, you must not forget to enroll for the prestigious HR certification at HR University.

HR Partners’ salary across various locations

According to the division of cities into groups depending on the highest salary for HR partners which is here:

US West Coast

Average annual salaries for HR partners are as follows:

  • San Diego: $94,157
  • Phoenix: $89,742

U.S. Midwest/Rocky Mountains

Average annual salaries for HR partners are as follows:

  • Denver: $93,589

U.S. East Coast

Average annual salaries for HR partners are as follows:

  • New York: $101,433
  • Charlotte: $89,386

 U.S. South

Average annual salaries for HR partners are as follows:

  • Atlanta: $91,832
  • Dallas: $91,097

Through the hiring of HR partners, organizations can see these decisions becoming better since they are the ones who guide the organization in business matters so they are taking part in the creation and implementation of business strategies. In simple terms, an HR partner walks together with a firm to make sure all that the firm has invested in will yield maximized returns, hence, improving the firm’s overall decision-making. Consequently, when companies have the objective of growing and developing more intelligently, HR partners should be of much value. Unlike any other department, organizations value the HR partner’s role in the creation of value by the HR department. As an HR business partner, you are more productive and earn more money once your vision and the organization are in line. You also get to collaborate with upper management, including managers of human resources. If you have the right training, experience, and certifications, you may become an HR partner and enjoy the rewards that go along with it.

How much do HR partners in consulting firms earn?

Salary range and compensation insights: There is a wide range of salaries for HR partners in the consulting industry since the factors discussed below make salaries differ. The range of a typical salary can widen through the boundaries of $80,000 and more or less than $150,000 annually, depending on personal characteristics and market situation. An exceptional interim HR partner at the hourly pay would receive around $55.26 per hour, which is approximately 55% above the national average. Let’s delve deeper into each segment of the salary range:

The lower end of the range ($80,000 – $100,000): Low-end pay may go to the individual HR partner or those working for smaller consultancy firms will likely be in this range. Unlike other HR consultants with more experience and advanced knowledge, these people frequently lack experience but consistently build skills as professionals in consulting services.

Mid-Range ($100,000 – $120,000): HR professionals with at least 5 years of experience and a proven track record of performance move ahead with an annual salary in this circle. They could be part of smaller consulting companies and some of them might have certain functions of HR.

Higher end of the range ($120,000 – $150,000+): Senior HR covered by such salary packages holds advanced degrees, many years of work experience, and unique specializations are the highly paid officials in the industry. They might work in top-tier management consulting firms or could drive high-end HR departments. The diverse backgrounds and skill sets of diplomats can be harnessed for domestic security and crisis resolution. Further, compensation packages could be designed that cover additional benefits such as bonuses, profit sharing, and stock options which then provide greater motivational opportunities for HR partners.

Bottom line

The context of HR partner remuneration of consulting firms is changing due to the ongoing trend of corresponding development in the corporate world. The salary of HR partners in consulting firms in human resources is a sum of a wide range of factors, many of which define compensation, as well as experience, education, real estate cost, geography, size of the firm, specialization industry, and volatility in the market. The fact is that human resources directors who seek maximum salaries ought to take these factors into account as well and organizations that want to teach and work like top professionals have to do the same. Using the trend assessment of the industry and the construction of a synchronous compensation plan with the business objectives consulting firms can create a culture of eminence and achieve the sustainability of the growth in the situation of the competitive environment. Continuous learning, skill development, and adaptation will be crucial for HR partners who want to succeed in consulting companies and make a significant contribution to the success of their organizations as the HR landscape changes.

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