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April 26th / 1:50 PM to 2:10 PM PDT

Reach Candidates Any Time, Any Place by Connecting With Them on Their Preferred Communication Platform – Their Phones

Product Spotlight
Our text messaging software, Sense Messaging, allows recruiters to communicate faster and build better relationships with their candidates via personalized 1:1 messages, customized mass texting, and automated check-ins. Sense Messaging includes SMS and WhatsApp so your team can engage U.S. and global candidates easily while reducing no-shows, reducing drop-offs, and accelerating hiring. With Sense Messaging, you’ll never have to worry about losing candidate conversations. Shared inboxes gives managers more visibility and makes collaborating with other recruiters seamless. Recruiters can take advantage of the flexibility Sense Messaging provides by using chrome extension replies and communicating with candidates via the mobile app. Sense customers experience 55% increased response rates, 3x faster replies, and talent teams see a 30% increase in recruiter productivity. Learn more about Sense and why hundreds of customers like Dell, Compassus, and Great Clips choose us for their talent engagement needs.