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Abigail de Vries-Weller headshot

Abigail de Vries-Weller

Senior Content Partnerships Manager, UNLEASH

Abigail has worked at the face of telling the stories of change, disruption, and successes of senior business leaders for around five years. She is proud to provide a voice and platform to the great stories within the HR technology community and is excited to be part of the tapestry of challenges and wins that come out of innovation and collaboration, whilst being able to add her own insights and expertise to the fray.


As the world becomes more digitally reliant and habituated, accelerated by COVID-19 and the shift to hybrid working, demand for technological solutions in almost every industry, let alone HR, is greatly increasing. To meet this challenge, and the competition from agile and innovative start-ups and additional industry disruption, the traditional organization must continually anticipate, innovate and collaborate to survive and thrive in an age of digital literacy and expectancy. Abigail is excited to work with these agents of change and pioneers for the future, to allow people to do their best work, and for businesses to succeed.

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