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Make your purchasing power count

If you’re a buying decision-maker you deserve to be recognized and have access to the right environment for doing business, with access to other people at your level. You deserve to be in the UNLEASH Buyers’ Club.

What is a Buyer?

Buyers’ Club members have significant budgets for HR products and services and are often looking for the next wave of solutions, suppliers and emerging technologies. As a Buyers’ Club member, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your connections in the comfort of an exclusive environment where you’ll get the best intelligence in the market from your industry peers, all on a complimentary basis. 

Who is the club for and why is it valuable?

UNLEASH’s Buyers’ Club is a unique membership community of buyers and leaders in HR, Learning & Development and Recruitment & Talent roles from Fortune 5,000 companies. The club provides complimentary access to high-value information, networking and career development opportunities across UNLEASH’s digital products and events in America and Europe. The club is designed to help its members perform their roles better, add value to their organizations and improve earning power 

If you are interested in becoming an UNLEASH Buyers’ Club member, please fill out the form below and we will notify you once your application is successful. 


Membership Benefits

  • Over €11K of value 
  • Free delegate place at UNLEASH World and UNLEASH America 
  • Free Accommodation at UNLEASH America for 2 nights 
  • 20% discount for delegate passes for teams of 5 or more 
  • Early exclusive access to annual research reports produced by UNLEASH 
  • Why HR projects Fail and Succeed reports  


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